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[Programme Book] No Barriers: Strategies and Best Practices for the Employment of Individuals with Intellectual Disability

Summary [English Version]

In the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it is mentioned the need for workplace inclusion for people with disabilities. Moreover, the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the labor market challenges ableist conventions and embraces diversity as an accelerator for social justice and economic growth. The cooperative efforts of the Project No Barriers to Employment further show the intricate legal, social, and pedagogical landscapes that influence the professional inclusion of People with Intellectual Disability across different countries and demonstrate a commitment to reframing work in a way that values everyone. Neither this book nor any other should offer instructions on how to “normalize” the lives of People with Intellectual Disability so that they blend in with the workforce. Instead, books should start by developing methods for recognizing people’s unique qualities so that these differences are incorporated into the definition of labor in today’s society.

Download the Full Book HERE

Editors: C. Sousa, J. Pereira, C. Casimiro

ISBN (English Printed Version): 978-989-757-267-8
ISBN (English Digital Version): 978-989-757-268-5

Table of Contents

Foreword - H. Albuquerque [Download HERE]

Part I - Need Analysis

  • Introduction - Empowerment Through Employment: An Introduction to No Barriers - C. Sousa [Available HERE]
  • Transnational Legal Frameworks and Context of Employment and Intellectual Disability - J. Pereira et al. [Available HERE]
  • Contextual Perceived Needs for Inclusive Employment of People with Intellectual Disability - C. Sousa et al. [Available HERE]

Part II - Training Program

  • Empowerment through Language, Inclusive Models, and Activism: Nurturing Inclusion for Individuals with Intellectual Disability - C. Casimiro et al. [Available HERE]
  • Accessible and Inclusive Communication in the Workplace - S. Cobello, & E. Milli [Available HERE]
  • Employment Models and Best Practices for the Inclusion of Individuals with Intellectual Disability - G. Güner, & E. Hüseyin Yiğit [Available HERE]
  • Recruitment and Job Coaching for and with Intellectual Disability - G. Cura, & Ş. Kızılkum [Available HERE]
  • Supporting Workplace Inclusion: Reasonable Accommodations and Assistive Technologies for Individuals with Intellectual Disability - M. Agius et al. [Available HERE]
  • Analogue Game-Based Learning to Address Underemployment of People with Intellectual Disability: Resources and Best Practices  - J. Léste, & C. Sousa [Available HERE]
  • Appendix A - Need Analysis Questionnaire - C. Sousa et al. [Available HERE]

- Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish versions will be made available soon -